How does this work?

  • We can fix your PC or laptop from our workshop

  • No need to unplug all those cables and take your PC to a Local shop

  • No Need to let a stranger into your home

  • You can watch while we work, we will talk you through what we are doing in plain english

  • No need to pay a calout charge for an engineer to come to your home/office

  • No need to take the day off to wait for an engineer

  • We can work on your PC at a time that suits you

  • If you are at work during the day we can work on your PC in the evening or weekend

*Conditions apply **High-speed internet connection will be required for this service

Build your own PC

Configure Your Laptop

laptopTell us exactly how you would like to specify your Laptop. We will contact you soon afterwards to further discuss your requirements. Make an enquiry.


What about your PC system?

Pc systemIs your PC beginning to creak with all of those new applications you have installed?

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