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Had my Laptop stop working out of nowhere one day and after trying to reach a bunch of other well known branches just for them to say "we cant do anything" or charge £100 just to take it in these guys took it in for £65 since it was a High end gaming laptop and got back to me the next day with the news that it was a graphics card chip. they let me know the price before they charged me and were really helpful and patient throughout. Very good experience and I could not recommend this place more!!!
Fantastic Same day service
My IPad was running very slow and would not connect to internet no matter what I did and then completely died on me I took it to Fix my pc in Bedford St Peters Street they where really a great help I left it there for half day was alerted by text to say it was fixed and updated it to latest software Fantastic same day service
Kathryn Clarke
After spilling water on my very precious Macbook and it completely dying, i took it to fix my pc and they recovered all of the files- including my assignment that i was working on and fixed the PC on the same day for only £100. Highly recommended would not go anywhere else. Was so considerate and understanding that my assignment was due in a few days and needed to be fixed asap. Absolutely brill customer service!!
Elizabeth Sandra Thomas
I am so impressed with this shop. Had dealings with them last month and left feeling super-impressed. My problems were small but the time taken to help me out really demonstrated their customer care. One young man in particular really was super patient with an old lady. Highly recommended
Thank you :D:D
the nice man got all my data off my hard drive, i couldnt ask for more. helpful and good price. thank you
Stefan Marino
Took my Macbook Pro to have a replacement solid state drive fitted. All data and programs transferred - working better than it did out of the box! Highly recommended
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